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How do bees make honey?

In the video (bees collecting pollen and nectar)

So how do bees make honey? Answer by Immortal honey.

Let me explain the entire process. In a bee colony, 97 per cent of bees are workers bees whose jobs are to provide security to their colony, going out and collecting nectar and collecting pollen. The worker bees go out and collect nectar in their stomach. Their stomach is specially built by nature to store nectar. After this, bees come back to their colony. Meanwhile, enzymes in the stomach of bees turn this nectar into honey. But this honey contains more water during this stage. So the bees store it into honeycombs so that the extra water turns into vapour. Bees use their wings to speed up the vaporization process. After this process, the bees start capping honeycombs to keep safe the honey. When the capping is finished, this honey is ready to use.

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